About Us

Having served God together for almost three decades, God has allowed us to be used in many different capacities in the ministry.  We are excited about the call of God as servants to help pastors and local churches.  Along the way He has equipped us in the areas of helping to strengthen churches by knowing the burdens of small churches, planting new churches from the ground up, training soul winning laborers and outreach through the Bible Handout Ministry.

Because of our experiences in the ministry, it is with excitement and joy that we are used by God in these areas.  Our heart is to encourage pastor’s and their families as they labor for the Lord, along with, teaching the members how to care for their pastor’s family and work in the ministry of the local church.

Ambassador Baptist Ministries emphasis will be:

  • Helping Church Planters

  • Helping Strengthen Churches

  • Training Soulwinning Leaders

  • Preaching as an Evangelist

  • Local Church Discipleship

  • Bible Handout Ministry


Our Journey (click to see a larger view)